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Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis

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Superior Engineering!

Clevis Pins That Help You Set Sail

Patent# US 9,212,681 B2
Made in Madison, Wisconsin
CNC machined of 316 and 17-4 Stainless Steel

Helping Your Boat Stay Seaworthy

Assemble and disassemble your rigging with ease with tool-free marine clevis pins. Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis's® patented design minimizes snagging of lines, sails and crew. Our robust and secure clevis pins and cotter pins ensure everything stays secure and seaworthy.

Clevis Pin

Your crew and your ship are what matters to our organization. We take every precaution when it comes to our marine clevis pins so you can enjoy the ocean on your sailboat.

Cotter Pin

Save time and energy when it comes to rigging your boat. Our clevises make setting up your vessel's rigging quick and easy with our award-winning, three-second fastening devices.


Learn About Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis

There's nothing like living out on the sea for days with the wind in your sails. Harness the power of the ocean and its gusts with marine clevises from Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis®. Sailors can fasten the vessel's rigging and vangs without the need for complicated tools, whether you own a small boat or a 55-foot sailboat. Instead of a typical clevis pin, which requires a couple of tools to use, our pins do not require any additional tools. Our clevis pin is the perfect component for those that are looking to set up rigging fast, easy and securely.

Jurgan Cotter Pin and Storage Cavity


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