Awards: Sail Magazine, the Pittman Award · February 2015 — Gear Of the Year

Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis

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Common Rigging Problems Solved

You don't have to deal with the nuisance of taking boats in and out of the water for storage or transport. When they're taken and put back on a trailer on the highway to transport, the mast is removed, along with 6-24 traditional clevis fasteners. As sailors ourselves, we've designed a product that solves common problems that we've experienced aboard boats with existing clevis pins. The worries about scratching the mast, snagging sails and lines, or injurying the crew have given us the inspiration to create an alternative fastening device. We are now sharing the solution with you with our own brand of clevis pins.

Elegant Clevis Pins

Put the safety of you and your crew first with our patent-pending clevis pin. With conventional cotter pins that attach to the clevis, you would have to tape over sharp ends to prevent snags on ropes, sails, and crew. The Jurgan Tool-Free Clevis® is robust, secure, and elegant, and will keep your boat's integral features in good condition. The design of our clevis device also minimizes your chances of losing the cotter pin.

Clevis Pin Parts Diagram